Monday, December 13, 2010

Hello little sunshiny flower.

It's been a rather damp, not too cold, autumn so far here in Vinoland. Winter, still officially more than a week away, is as yet forecast to be not much different. Ho hum! I would like a little frosty weather to make things around here seem a little more Christmassy.
Although I may long for white, frosty beginnings to my December mornings, the appearance of a little ray of floral sunshine is not lost on the cold-hearted Vinogirl. Here is Vinoland's first narcissus of this 2010 season. Enjoy!


Affer said...

You take a really, really good snap! Those little girls grow in wild profusion around here and I just can't wait to see them on the verges and banks instead of frosted mud-berms and wurzel piles!!

Thomas said...

I've always been enchanted by the name "narcissus." It's as if the flowers revel in their own beauty.

Vinogirl said...

Affer: I'm trying, thank you. Wurzels? Like the group? Ha, ha!

Thomas: They are pretty. I look forward to their blooming every year.