Friday, April 16, 2010

Fools rush in.

What's the hurry?
Pinot grigio has to have the funniest growth habit of any variety of grapevine. Whilst the Syrah and Orange muscat vines will show 2 or 3 inches of growth before you actually see the flower clusters, the Pinot grigio pushes everything out all at once. It’s certianly not backwards in coming forwards. Calm down little vine, calm down!


Weston said...

those freak of nation mutation of pinot noir! Burn it!

Vinomaker said...

As a winemaker, I am encouraged when I see the tiny future grape clusters emerge early as I know that we have fruitful primary buds emerging. Compared to many other varieties the growth of Pinot gris vines seems unorthodox but once the fruit is in the glass, how it grew is immaterial. Pinot gris, or grigio depending upon the region and winemaking style, is a consistent producer, unlike the it's genetically unstable parent, Pinot noir. On a hot summer afternoon here in Napa there is little better than a cool, fruity glass of Pinot gris! Keep the fruit coming little vines!