Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Vinomaker is stumped.

But not for long.
Before I went to England Vinomaker and I decided that it would be a great idea to plant some more Pinot gris vines here in Vinoland. There was just the little matter of a rather sizable oak tree stump in our path.
This picture does not do the actual size of the excavation justice, I should have included in it one of the Vinodogs for scale. Each night when I come home from the winery the crater is larger than when I departed in the morning. When will it be at an end? Hopefully soon, as the baby vines are warming up in the wine cellar below the house and want to be planted before they bud out or expire, which ever comes first.


Thud said...

Step aside Vinomaker and hand me a shovel...the Irish in me will have it sorted in no time.

Craig Justice said...

Oh, we have plenty of those stumps. They make great art pieces in the vineyard after pulling them out. Find someone with a backhoe. Concerning the mildew, I must say thank you. Gotham City has its Batman and Blue-Merle Country has its Vinogirl. When we find ourselves in distress, we put up the Vinogirl signal and she comes to the rescue. Who is this masked woman? We know that she is a mild mannered student during the week, and that she has an English butler named Thud (instead of Alfred). Thank you, super hero! The Kaligreen suggestion was a life saver for the grapes. Now to save my own life, I'm headed to Home Depot to get a gas mask. I was thinking about the D-Day Normandy beaches last week. This week it's Verdun and the WWI trenches and the gas (which was a derivative of SO2 as I remember from high school chemistry). I know that Thud is good with a shovel. How is he at spraying powdery mildew? The Queen had prepared sushi for him as partial payment for fixing the end post--alas, he didn't show up and the raw fish smells more foul than the sulphur.

Vinogirl said...

I think I like it!

Affer said...

Err....forgotten your Cheshire background, have you? A job for Blaster Bates surely!

Craig Justice said...

The "SuperVinoGirl" sign is cast into the sky. I've been spraying since Tuesday dusk and have just come up for a gasp of air. Spraying is for the birds! The honeymoon is over. There must be a better way than using a backpack sprayer. What would you suggest? Is there such a thing as a 15-gallon sprayer with a 200 ft. hose that I can move around in a wheelbarrow? Also, when you spray the little grappies, are they supposed to drip, soaking wet? The Queen's clotheswasher broke and I must go deal with that ... Oh good grief, what next?!

Vinogirl said...

Affer: It was Lancs. when I was born, then Merseyside. Only posh uncle lived in Cheshire :)
Dynamite would have been a lot easier!

Craig: I responded on your blog.