Friday, October 10, 2008

Kites rise highest against the wind, not with it.

It's extremely windy in Napa right now, the entire Bay Area actually. It would be a good day to fly a kite. I took this pic of my English Bull Terrier weather vane, (thanks Vinomaker), a little while ago. You can't really tell but the cups were going like the clappers. I'm happy because the Cab grapes will definitely benefit from the airing they are getting after last weeks rain. They may also experience a little dehydration so the Brix may look elevated when I take a sample tomorrow. Of course sugar is not the only prerequisite for timing harvest, I will be tasting the grapes too.
V1 is not bothered by the wind but V2 is a little unnerved, as are the weather forecasters who warn of the fire danger Santa Ana winds can wreak. Maybe I should keep the hosepipes at the ready...otherwise I may be harvesting raisins!

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Thud said...

nip out and half inch some cab while everybody is spooked by fires up valley!