Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween.

This evening, I have been invited to a soiree that will double as a Halloween party and a housewarming.  There will be bucket loads of wine available, as many of the invitees are my winery co-workers, but Vinogirl is going to down a couple of Cape Cods and call it good.  To that end, I have bought the hostess this scary looking bottle of vodka...woooo!!!  A very festive spirit.  Apropos, don't ya think?  Happy Halloween to all.


Fred Fibonacci said...

Sounds like you're in for a great night Vinogirl. I shall be popping downstairs (there's a wine bar in the basement of my block: very civilised) to celebrate whatever it is we're celebrating on Hallowe'en. As its the end of the month, all the twenty-somethings who work telesales at the publisher's next door will be on the lash with their October pay-cheques. I intend to join them, pretend I know something about publishing, advertising and telephones and see how far I get.

ps where can I get a vodka skull like the one in your photo? I have a friend in Italy, a Mr Combo, who would appreciate such an item. He currently cheats death on an hourly basis due to advanced hypochondria; he could do with a lift.

Vinogirl said...

Fred, I found it in my local wine/liquor store. It is a Canadian vodka in a Milano glass skull. Check out their website.