Friday, May 03, 2013


I have been having fun trying some older vintages lately, but it's been hit or miss.  Older wines can be great, or really bad.
This 1959 bottle of Domaine Burrier Pouilly-Fuissé, from the cellar of Vinomaker's father, will remain unopened.  I have no desire to ingest this wine; the volume of the bottle has decreased by about a third over the last 54 years, the wine is very brown, and it scares me a little.  The capsule has really deteriorated and the cork resembles something that one would find growing on a dank forest floor.  This bottle is best left alone.  The Burrier family are still working their Burgundian magic on Chardonnay to this day, but even if this wine was a more current vintage I'd still be reluctant to try it.  I'd take a stripped down Chablis any day over the oakiness of the Mâconnais.


Thud said...

I'd have necked that in a heartbeat back in the brains and no taste.

Vinogirl said...

Thud: Perhaps I should bring it home for you and Lord Roby to quaff.