Thursday, September 29, 2016

I dream of Zin.

A new offering from Mi Sueño, the 2013 Zinfandel (Sonoma Mountain AVA) is a big, impactful wine.  I've probably said it before, but I like it when winemakers flex their oenological-muscles.
I love a good Zinfandel because I think this particular wine varietal always pairs well with a myriad of meat-based meals, e.g., barbecued ribs etc.  Long considered the native grape of California, Zinfandel accounts for about 10% of all wine-grapes grown in The Golden State. Folks in California have been imbibing in wine made from this grape variety, now known to be indigenous to Croatia, since the mid 1800s - it's been around a long time.  However, this is not your grandmother's Zinfandel. No, this Mi Sueño Zinfandel is a rather stylistically-meaty interpretation of this varietal: it would definitely knock an old dear's socks off.
Deeply hued, this wine displays oodles of spicy-vanilla-caramelized plums on the nose, followed by more pluminess, a hint of dried cranberries, with a vanilla-smokiness on the lingering finish. And nice balance, considering the 14.8% ABV.  If I have one criticism, it is that this wine is slightly over-oaked, (but that is a Rolando Herrera trademark, after all).  The Zinfandel is, unfortunately, only available through Mi Sueño's wine club.  Paired well with my homemade beef burger.


Dennis Tsiorbas said...

VG: Meaty with dried cranberries; yum!
Love your reviews.
If I get to taste this Zinfandel, I'll just link to your review.
Oh, I'll add my own awful point score;)

Thud said...

you can not have too much oak.

Vinogirl said...

NHW: Thanks. I liked it, but everyone's tastes are different.

Thud: Like I was saying, everyone's tastes are different.

Thomas said...

"you can not have too much oak."

Said the termite to the exterminator ...

Vinogirl said...

Tomasso: Hee, hee!