Sunday, June 19, 2016

Water works.

I think I may have mentioned it already, but this has been a relatively cool spring.  It is, however, forecast to be more than a tad toasty for the next several days.  Just in time for the summer solstice.  Yay!
With warm weather imminent, Vinomaker decided that it was time the vines got a little water, starting with the Syrah up on the hill (always the first to show a little stress).  But first we had to perform one particular vineyard operation - the clearing of the irrigation lines.
As I waited (at the end of a Syrah row) for Vinomaker to give me the go ahead to open the small, inline ball valve at the end of the line, I noticed a winsome little moss: the conversely named Largetooth Calcareous Moss (Mnium spinulosum), growing on a leaky pressure gauge. It made me smile.  Mother Nature is great.


Dennis Tsiorbas said...

Cool picture!

Thomas said...

Cute moss you have there, and a cool picture indeed.

Re, spring, summer, and water: after a miserably cool May, we have been in a serious heat pattern in June, which forcasters believe will be ongoing at least through the first half of July. We normally receive 1.5 inches of rain in June. Thus far this month, only 3/10 of an inch has dripped from the sky.

Now, I must go water the herb garden, among other plants.

Vinogirl said...

NHW: Thanks. I sometimes think Mother Nature would grow all over Vinoland if we didn't constantly keep her in check.

Tomasso: They had snow up north of here last week. Our rain event last Friday lasted about 90 seconds, but should really get no rain here through late September. It's all good.

Thomas said...

Big thunder storm last night. The weather forecasters around here didn't seem to know it was coming.

Anyway, not enough rain to make up for the deficit, but every plant around here seems to have grown an inch or more overnight!

Still quite hot.

Vinogirl said...

Tomasso: I love a good thunder storm, it's just that they are very rare here in the Bay Area. (Get more up by Sacramento).