Sunday, March 01, 2015

Happy St. David's Day: 2015.

Happy St. David's Day!
The daffodils are nearly finished blooming in Vinoland, it's been a very mild winter.  The daffodil in the photograph has grown from a bulb, one of many, that I planted around Vinodog 1's grave last November.  I love that the vetch tendril is grasping the blade of grass, a weedy-embrace in remembrance of my old girl.
Bore da!


Thomas said...

You are trying to piss me off with the daffodil in spring thing, but the idea that it is around Vinodog's grave softens the blow.

We have bluebells around our dog and cat cemetery. I'll let you know when they flower, which could be quite some time if this crappy weather doesn't go away soon.

Vinogirl said...

Tomasso: Yea, you're still having a cold time of it aren't you? Was just looking at photographs on the Instagram account of a friend...he's in NYC and it's snowing! It's 66°F here right now, sorry.

Thud said...

Ours are just struggling out of the ground.