Wednesday, March 25, 2015


As is our tradition, Vinomaker and I like to surprise each other with a visit to a new restaurant on each other's birthday.  My surprise eatery this birthday was The Thomas at Fagiani's in downtown Napa.  I had been wanting to visit The Thomas for a while now as I had heard good things about it.
Fagiani's was originally a bar and liquor store that closed down in 1974 after a ghastly murder on the premises.  The building remained shuttereded until it was sold to the current proprietors some 37 years later.  The restaurant's name, the bar is still called Fagiani's, comes from the original establishment, (the building was built in 1909, historic for Napa), which was a restaurant and a boarding house.  Interestingly, The Thomas was operated as a speakeasy during prohibition.  And that's about where my interest in The Thomas ends. 
Mediocre service, mediocre food, (except a special mention should go to the baked brussel sprouts which were instead carbonised), and a mediocre 'wine by the glass' wine list, overall The Thomas was a disappointing experience. Hate when that happens.  
Vinomaker did manage to find a couple of wines that were quaffable; a Navarro Vineyards, 2012 Riesling (Anderson Valley AVA) and a Giornata, 2012 'Il Campo' - a Sangiovese blend (Central Coast AVA).  On a positive note, because there are so many great restaurants to choose from in the Napa Valley, I never have to eat at The Thomas again.


Vinomaker said...

Too many choices in the Napa Valley, and no guarantees of quality. Even reading food reviews is like wine tasting notes, good for some, for others not so much. Maybe next time.

Thud said...

shame to waste a good night...I'll stick to marys pizza shack...good soup!

Dennis Tsiorbas said...

I agree with VM: there are "no guarantees", and though it's the getting there, like going for a Sunday-drive, isn't really more important that the ride itself; just a little NHW philosophy!

I'm still having a lot of problems with Google (their 'help' modes stink) and I've lost 3 days of service with difficulty on a forth day (It's not a free service for me), so much of my free time is going into looking for another provider; I didn't get lost!

Vinogirl said...

VM: Still had a fun time, and my game hen was edible. Thanks!

Thud: Vinomaker had a lentil soup...nothing like the lentil soup we like though.

NHW: We had a good time and had plenty to talk about, as in the not-quite-right food.

Have you considered the problem may be with Comcast? I have never had much luck with them.
Or is it with Google+? I'm staying away from that as long as is technologically possible!!!

Thomas said...

Makes me want to change my name.

Vinogirl said...

Tomasso: 'Il Tomasso'? Sounds good to me :)