Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Bang! Bang!

It's Bonfire Night, yay!  I love Bonfire Night, or as we call it up in Liverpool, Bommy Night, (or Guy Fawkes to others).  I can't believe that it has been about 10 years since I was last home for Bommy Night, but I'm here now.
There are several essential ingredients for a successful Bonfire Night; the bonfire, of course, (the bigger the better), toffee apples (even though they make my teeth ache), treacle toffee (Thud's speciality), potatoes (to bake in the embers), hot chocolate (for the kids), something red and vinous (for the adults) and, last but not least, the fireworks (lots and lots of them).  Unlike California, there isn't any danger of soggy England going up in smoke.
Photographed is Thud's selection of pyrotechnic plunder for the family's entertainment.  Sparklers, rockets (lots of rockets), Catherine wheels and Roman candles abound.  Then there's The King and Big Mama, which resemble not so small incendiary devices.  Kaboom!


Thud said...


Dennis Tsiorbas said...

A superb vignette! Love the expression: "pyrotechnic plunder"!

Thomas said...

This brings back memories.

When I was growing up in Brooklyn, we worked for weeks stacking wood for the Election Day (Night) fire. Each year was o be a bigger fire--or else!

The fire made a mess of the asphalt.

Vinogirl said...

Thud: The King was epic! Thanks for a great Bommy Night.

NHW: Thanks.

Tomasso: So did you have a bonfire the other night? Burn anyone, in particular, in effigy?

Thomas said...

VG: I didn't burn anyone, but the Republicans certainly did.

Vinogirl said...

Tomasso: Ha! Yes they did.