Saturday, November 15, 2014

Back in the U.S. of A.

I'm back Stateside.  After a great holiday, I have returned to the Napa Valley.  The journey back was long and tedious, the only highlight being an Elvis impersonator who was on the flight from Manchester to London.  I lost track of Elvis in Heathrow.  I was hoping he would be on my flight from London to San Francisco, but, alas, he was probably on his way to Las Vegas.
It seemed like I was away for ages.  I don't know why, but I expected all sorts of things to be different when I woke up my first morning back.  The vines are a little more yellow, senescence is well and truly happening, but only the white grape varieties have lost any leaves to speak of.  It's a little cooler, but not cold, so there isn't a need to turning the heating on yet.  Still, it definitely feels like autumn.  Vinodog 2 made a big fuss of me, but she is such a creature of habit that just 5 minutes later it was like I'd never been away. 
Vinomaker was doing wine stuff when I left; racking, barreling down, topping etc., and he was still doing wine stuff when I got back.
Constancy is good.


Thud said...

Poke him with a stick and see if he is still alive.

Dennis Tsiorbas said...

I'm surprised all we haven't made more of a "fuss" over your return;-)
As for "senescence" you haven't seen how this short time has taken its toll on me, but through it all, I'm still breathing, to the disappointment of my very liberal neighbor!

Vinogirl said...

Thud: Vinomaker, or Elvis?

NHW: All my co-workers welcomed me back, they're a lovely bunch of folks, and that was fuss enough for low-key me.

Thud said...

Dennis, make sure you outlast him.

Dennis Tsiorbas said...

Thud: Considering your now figurative fists and The doctrine: "despise not small beginnings", I hope to endure ;-)

Thomas said...

Welcome back.

I'm having trouble with anything connected to Google these days--which is just about everything online.

Google wants me to buy a new computer, because the one I have is ancient in their view and they are no longer servicing my operating system, which Apple no longer updates either.

It is indeed a conspiracy, but nothing I can do anything about. I'll buy one someday soon, I suppose. Until then, it takes forever for me to get into a site, and sometimes I can't get in at all.

Dennis: no, we don't have any snow where I am. The southern tier of the Finger Lakes region is far enough inland from the Great Lakes that the deluge often misses us. If I lived in Buffalo, I wouldn't be living there for long. There's a saying for that place: it enjoys two seasons; winter and construction.

Vinogirl said...

Tomasso: Thanks.
Re: an Apple.