Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Nasty Asti.

Well, it really wasn't that nasty, I just like the rhyme, but it wasn't particularly praiseworthy.  For a 2009, this Castelvero Barbera D'Asti had no nose to speak of and it just tasted old.  Shame really because Thud had cooked a wonderful bucatini dish (Neopolitan, I know) and the wine fell quite short.  Oh well.  But dinner was a fun event anyway because an old, school friend came to visit me and it's always fun to meet up with Mr. Ray.
The weather continued to be difficult yesterday and only cleared up just before sunset, which turned out to be stunning.  It was cold and extremely windy with a constant drizzle, so the entire family decided to go out for ice cream.  Tough us English.


Thomas said...

Well, what do you expect serving a Piemontese wine with a Campanian dish?

I'm partial to Barbera D'Alba over Barbera D'Asti.

Sounds like you are enjoying your annual romp home. Good for you.

I just got a new book deal...good for me.

Vinogirl said...

Tomasso: Yes, I am enjoying my visit home, even if the weather is insane.

Congratulations on the new book deal. What is the subject matter this time?

Thomas said...

The wonderful story of how the Finger Lakes region was formed geologically and then agriculturally (and industrially).

Contract not signed yet, so the deal is not alive yet either.

Vinogirl said...

Tomasso: Sounds interesting, glaciation is great, but I'm still waiting for the Taylor book.

Thomas said...


The Taylor book is scheduled for January release, I think.

In fact, if the schedule for each book holds, this new one is likely to be published before Taylor.

I have no idea how it all works. Book publishing is one of the most indecipherable processes ever devised.

Vinogirl said...

Tomasso: But wasn't the original publishing date for 'Taylor' January 2013?

Thomas said...

No, VG, that was the deadline for me to submit the Taylor manuscript to the publisher, which I met.

It takes about a year to get a book edited and printed. After three years of proposing and then writing the book, I will have invested four years in Taylor.

Ron Combo said...

Hmm, that's from the Araldica co-op, just around the corner from here. Normally decent kit (Waitrose, Sainsbury's etc). Shame.

Vinogirl said...

Ron: Nice to hear from you.
This was probably just a bad happens.