Thursday, May 09, 2013


Napa is hosting it's first ever music festival this weekend.  BottleRock billed as "the biggest thing to hit Napa since the grape" is being held at the Napa Expo (fairgrounds).  In addition to good, old rock'n'roll there will also be a smattering of comedy acts performing and lots of wine thrown in - it is Napa after all.  It is estimated that 35,000 people will attend the festival on peak days, so there has been a fair amount of grumbling from local residents and merchants who fear that navigating the east side of the city will nigh be impossible.  I am a little concerned myself about being able to get my grocery shopping and errands done over the next few days, as I have to cross that area to get into town.
At $599 for a four day pass the cost of admission was seen as a bit steep for many locals, especially younger folks who one would think would be the demographic that the organisers would have targeted.  (To their credit, the organisers getting wind of this perceived blunder hot-footed it over to the college at the beginning of the week and donated 200 free tickets to the students.)  Further, from what I hear, not a lot of people recognise many of the bands that will be appearing.  I had a quick gander over the list of featured artists and had heard of only a few;  Jane's Addiction, The Black Crowes, Joan Jett, and Blues Traveler.  Oh, and Dwight Yoakam..."who?" said Vinomaker.
I do like their logo though.


About Last Weekend said...

Wow, that's really really expensive, but probably worth it, a concert (or a Warriors game) costs $100 at least. I'm amazed they haven't done this before though I can vomiting drunk teens might not be something Napa wants...I always worry about being close enough to the amenities, me

Thud said...

Joan Jett and yoakum...both reat.

Vinogirl said...

ALW: I suppose you'd get your money's worth if you went over the entire 4 day period, but most people who can afford $600 tickets have jobs they need to be at!

Thud: As in reet petite? Or just great?