Monday, May 13, 2013

A penny for your thoughts.

It's getting close to my annual trip home to Blighty.  I'm getting excited.  To help me get in an English state of mind, Vinomaker recently included Halfpenny Green Vineyard's, 2009 Penny Red in a blind tasting he put together for me.  The Penny Red is a blend of Pinot noir (okay), Dornfelder (who?), Triomphe D'Alsace (what?), and Rondo (why?).
I was given this bottle of wine by Monkey who had procured it for himself at some country fayre and then decided that I should have it.  Now I've had a fair amount of English white wines, including a few sparkling wines and even a rosé, which on the whole have been rather decent.  I just can't remember ever having an English red wine before.  Here are my tasting notes; 
OMG!  Nose - hot dust, spice and oak.  Floral, perfume, green beans.  Thin, tart with a little berry - acid nice.  Variety???
Draw your own conclusions, but just let me add this: there's no place like home.


NHwineman said...

Vinogirl, Blighty, "far, far away", over-there, at the end of the Atlantic-bow!

monkey said...

Wow that good eh? Think ill have to acquire another.....or two.
See ya Saturday.

Vinogirl said...

NHW: My English family hasn't seen many rainbows in the 18 month long winter they are enduring...I'd better top up and Ca. sunshine before my trip.

Monkey: Wasn't that bad, but you probably wouldn't want to drink a whole bottle :)
See ya Saturday!

Thud said...

20 months and counting, enjoying a hailstorm as I write.

Thomas said...


I like the title to this post because, coincidentally, I have decided to reduce my commenting on blogs, as I notice the conversation has become a massive redundancy. But if you are willing to pay a penny for each thought, I can come up with a few...

Vinogirl said...

Thud: You need to drink more wine to chase those weather related blues away. I'll help you starting Friday night.

Tomasso: I'm going to raid my piggy bank to see how many of your comments I can afford.