Saturday, September 08, 2012

Dr. Dick.

Another person who I'd like to give credit to for trying to help me identify the common flax flower recently is, Dr. Richards P. Lyon. Dr. Dick, as he is known around these parts, is a weekly contributor to the Napa Valley Register's  'Home & Garden' section in the capacity of their wild flower expert.  I look forward to Dr. Dick's column every Saturday and I was sad to see that this week's piece is his last for the season.  Whilst Dr. Dick was unable to help with a definitive ID of the flax, he did inspire me to get off my backside and finally find out, once and for all, just what my mystery weed was.
Dr. Dick himself wrote about this specific weed, pictured above, a few weeks back.  Birdsfoot trefoil (Lotus corniculatus) has been spotted two years in a row in Vinoland and exists in a particularly arid part of the property.  The small amount of foliage that exists is rather insignificant, understandable giving the growing conditions, and is now mostly buried due to gopher activity.  But it is the perfectly formed  flower that draws my eye to this little, yellow beauty.
Dr. Dick and I have been trading emails and wildflower photographs for the past few weeks.  The good doctor happened to mention that he had sort of been André Tchelistcheff's unofficial, personal physician towards the end of the pioneering Napa winemaker's life.  I wonder if Dr. Dick would let me pick his brain on this subject - I feel another installment of my True Wine Lover series coming on.


NHwineman said...

Vinogirl, if (when) you post an endangered species, what will the law demand concerning your property and what will you be able then to do with said property?

Interesting and even exciting though these discoveries are ((You seem to have the spirit of Lewis and Clark)I do have some (needless) concern for the possible outcome!

Though legal matters can often be as complicated as splitting a quark, they need at least a modicum of concern.

This link is only a drop in the bucket regarding how complex and litigious these matters can get.
If you have a lawyer, I'd ask him/her for advise on the subject.

Though I love to see all these garbed wonders, I probably needlessly worry over liberty and landowners rights too.

Vinogirl said...

NHW: Interesting stuff. Can't say I've ever really thought about this topic.
There are 4 reasons though, why I'm thinking I don't have to bother about all this;
a) Birdsfoot trefoil is definitely not endangered, as it can be bought by the boat-load for cover-cropping purposes.
b) I have posted pictures of quail, butterflies and lizards, but again none of these are endangered. I don't think there are any weird spotted newts or anything in Vinoland, if so, I just won't photograph them.
c) I don't think there any G-men reading my blog anyhow. And...
d) You'll have to catch me first copper!

NHwineman said...

"That-a-(Vino)girl", that's the stuff!

Vinogirl said...

NHW: Yes, one has only broken a law if one gets caught :)

Thud said...

Ooooh you desperado...who do you think you are? me?

Vinogirl said...

Yup, that's me :)