Saturday, October 29, 2011

Harvest 2011...finished!

I have been busy all week dropping dodgy looking Cabernet sauvignon grapes and removing leaves in the fruit zone to facilitate a headache free harvest. Prepping for harvest takes a bit of time, but it makes the actual picking of the crop go so much easier. In the course of stripping leaves from the bottom 8-10 inches of each shoot I came across this bird's nest, most likely that of a California Towhee.
Vinoland's Cabernet sauvignon is now cooling its heels as it waits patiently to be inoculated sometime tomorrow.
Vinomaker and I survived another harvest. Whoo hoo!


Thomas said...

Will you use the egg whites form that nest for fining?

Affer said...

Great photo! I have this mental vision of you preparing for these menial, leaf removing tasks:

"Ok, I'll just check my equipment list: boots, gloves, secateurs, Canon, tripod, flashgun, notepad, Peterson, laptop....dogtreats..."

Thud said...

Happy fermenting.

Vinogirl said...

Thomas: Ha! I wonder how many Towhee eggs it would take?

Affer: Have we met?
Luckily, the house isn't too far away, as I always forget something!

Thud: Thanks, I'll save you a case and give it to you in 2013!