Saturday, August 13, 2011

Veraison 2011.

I had intended to do a post about lignification today - the process in which the vine's shoots become woody through the formation and deposit of lignin in specialised cell walls - but, whilst working in the vineyard, I noticed that veraison is well under way in the Syrah and Pinot grigio vines.
With this summer being so cool, I had expected the vines to be behind in their maturation. However, looking back over the previous two year's posts on Vinsanity it seems that veraison is right on schedule.
I don't know why I was worried: I always tell people, when talking about viticulture, trust them...the vines know what their doing. Why do I ever doubt them?


Craig Justice said...

Trust the vines, yes. But trust your workers? I'm not so sure that's a good idea. Look what happened to us:
Crimes & Misdemeanors in the vineyard. Looks like all is well in Vinoland. Down here in Blue-Merle Country, we have all the nets up (except for the Aglianico, which are at about the same state of veraison as yours). Don't you just love the woodening of the vines? Cheers!

Vinogirl said...

Craig: I am the worker, so I do trust me...couldn't do it without Vinomaker though.
I read your post, nightmarish!
Good luck with harvest.