Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Let the grapes begin!

Harvest 2011 may indeed, for many reasons, qualify as an Olympic event, least of all for it's degree of difficulty. Logistically, getting every last grape harvested may prove to be a slightly nightmarish game in the valley this year.
On Monday, at last, the sparkling wine producers of the Napa Valley began to harvest Pinot noir and Chardonnay for their bubbly production. It's always good to see harvest get under way, however this year it is at least two weeks late.
As you can see, the temperature in Vinoland got up to a whopping 75 degrees today - barely hot enough for photosynthesis to take place - not to mention that the marine layer did not burn off until noon. Our Clone 4 Cabernet sauvignon, hailing from the Mendoza region of Argentina, is used to some what warmer temperatures. At this rate it may never ripen. Ho hum!


Vinomaker said...

This has definitely been one of the coolest summers in recent memory. We will be harvesting well into November at this rate and fighting fall rains and possibly freezing temperatures as well. I am preparing for an ice wine experiment!

Vinogirl said...

VM: Freezing temperatures? Really? I have some new thermals on order for you!