Friday, September 30, 2011

Not so vile a zin.

I really like Zinfandel.   I generally find this particular wine varietal's combination of raspberries and pepper to be a winning one...that is when it is made well.  Unfortunately, this evening's Zinfandel selection did not deliver the goods.
It's not that the 2008 Turley, Duarte Zinfandel was horrible.  It was pleasant enough, but it was slightly thin and, disappointingly, a little too oaky for me. Vinomaker and I acquired this bottle, and also one bottle of 2007 Turley, Cedarman Zinfandel, in a silent auction.  Thankfully, we didn't pay that much for the two bottles.  I'm hoping the second bottle is better than the first.


Thud said...

You should be pun-ished for the pun.

Vinogirl said...

I learned everything I know from you, brother dearest:)

Thomas said...

A fine pun indeed.

Thud, aren't those of us who are subjected to the pun the ones that are pun-ished?

Vinogirl said...

Thomas, I try my best :)