Thursday, September 29, 2011

Biding time.

The folks at Far Niente have not been letting the grass grow beneath their feet, in fact they disked said grass into their Coombsville vineyard's floor a couple of days ago. The FN vineyard crew also, whilst playing the waiting game with Mother Nature, made hay while the sun shined and drilled-in this coming winter's cover crop.
The Chardonnay clusters are looking very nice right now, just a little bit of sunburn, but with more rain forecast for Tuesday and Wednesday who knows how long the fruit will stay looking this pretty. Waiting for harvest is not a total waste of time, there are a number of other vineyard operations for vineyard managers to busy themselves with whilst they wait, and wait, and wait. Sigh!


About Last Weekend said...

I wouldn't mind getting a little bit of sun burn as well (even though humans are not supposed to) craving for some sun. The Chardonnay clusters are doing nicely

Vinogirl said...

ALW: I know, it's been another cool, foggy summer (except in the South Bay), and I am tired of it...I'm already hoping next year will be better.