Sunday, September 04, 2011

True Wine Lover 11.

One word: Jancis. In the world of wine, in fact in the history of the entire world, not too many people get to be known by their Christian name alone (think Napoleon and Elvis), but my True Wine Lover 11 is one such person.
The Oxford educated Jancis Mary Robinson OBE - where she read mathematics, so you can be fairly certain that she has a brain the size of a small planet - is one of the, if not the, world's leading writer of educational and encyclopedic material on wine. In fact, Jancis is probably better known to the wine-imbibing public than my beloved Hugh, but I bet Jancis loves Hugh too.
It was whilst watching the televised trials of Jancis becoming the first journalist to pass the battery of exams to become a Master of Wine in the 1980s, that a nascent oenophilia really metastasized in the teenage Vinogirl. However, despite her obviously vast all-things-wine-knowledge, the ever modest Ms. Robinson maintains that she is first and foremost a wine writer, not a wine critic.
If you don't know who Jancis is then you have been deprived the experience of truly great wine-writing and I pity you. Do yourself a favour, read something by Jancis today!


A Good Moroccan said...

She is certainly well known here in England.

Do Bianchi said...

Jancis is so awesome. Getting to meet and taste with her was one of the biggest thrills of career. She is just one of those electric personalities and so down to earth and "alla mano" as the Italians say... very approachable and easy going. I never knew that she studied mathematics... but wow, makes perfect sense... While we were in Apulia, she showed me a preview of her new book: an encyclopedia of the world's grape varieties. I can't wait!

Cesar Valverde said...

Hear hear!

Rarely a day goes by without reason for recourse to the encyclopedia (which is also now referred to simply as 'Jancis').

Apparently her definitive work on grapes (500,000 words) is due out in about a year.

About Last Weekend said...

I used to love her columns when I lived in London, really non-nonsense and wonderful to see a woman in the profession at such a high level

Vinogirl said...

Villager: She's defo well known here too.

2B: I heard the book is going to be an epic.

Cesar: I like it...your whole encyclopedia is referred to as 'Jancis' :)

ALW: I'm sure you, of all people, appreciate her journalistic prowess.

Ron Combo said...

I brushed past her at Vinitaly three years ago and our arms touched. I haven't washed since.

Thud said...

Wine,or not!

Vinogirl said...

Ron: I understand.

Thud: Admit it, you loved that particular telly programme of hers also.

New Hampshire Wineman said...

VG: Your older posts are not forgotten; like JR's writings in the UC Davis Library, there for us hoi polio!
Interesting that the affable and personally indulgent (positive connotation) Jancis shows the same dry generosity that you do; it must be a British thing.
She flings gossamer descriptors around like zephyrs jettisoning airborne milkweed's silken seeds, and we love them and try to catch them, but like her and you, they're hard to catch; amongst all the bright dreamy goings on, we, the hoi polis, share a snapshot that not only enriches our wine knowledge, but our excellence of soul.
Thank you, and if you see Jancis, thank her too!