Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A little something Italian, and white.

That would describe a nice glass of Soave.
Today was my Friday, so I was feeling in a slight celebratory mood as I drove home this evening. After a long and tiring workday I really didn't feel like drinking anything that had been produced locally. So, I stopped at the local wine store and bought myself a bottle of Inama 2008 Soave.
I love Soave, always have. The teenage Vinogirl cut her wine-swilling teeth on many a good, and bad, Soave...and lots of Frascati too I might add. (As an aside, it seems the wine experts in the two most reliable wine retail locations in Napa have never heard of Frascati..."Is that from the Veneto too?" God's truth, people!)
I buy Inama's Soave quite frequently and always enjoy it. This particular bottle did not disappoint, in fact it performed way beyond my expectation. The wine had a nice aroma of waxy-straw, a hint of honeyed lemon, and a well balanced acidity on the palate. My glass of Soave definitely hit the spot and put me in a better frame of mind.
Grazie Inama.


Thud said...

Do I go into my stupid Americans rant now...Frascati?...what would the Holy Father say?

Percy Weiper said...

I feel the same about growing up with Blue Nun Liebfraumilch..... that slightly soapy texture, the faint spritz on the tongue, the hints of honey and peach with a background of ethylene glycol...

Thomas said...


If you haven't yet, give Tamellini Soave a try. 2007 or 8 should be on the market.

Vinogirl said...

Thud: To be fair, Napa is a little inundated with, well, Napa wines.

Percy: Did Black Tower also feature in your youth by any chance?

Thomas: I shall endeavour to procure myself a bottle of Tamellini.

Mark Temple said...

I like Soave a lot too. I find that for me even the "basic" cuvées need 4 or 5 years tho. I don't tend to enjoy Inama or Pieropan much with only a couple.

Vinogirl said...

Mark, welcome to Vinsanity.
I can't wait that long :) Have had Pieropan in the past but much prefer Inama's offerings.
I had promised myself I would drink only Californian wines this month (Cal. Wine Month)...oh well!