Thursday, September 02, 2010


Optimistically, in the remote chance that September and October in Napa will be somewhat meteorologically normal, the folks at Opus One have treated the south-facing side of their vines, in one block of their vineyard, to guard against damage to the ripening grapes. It was 99 degrees F in my neck of the woods today, so maybe they know something I don't.
Surround WP crop protectant forms a barrier film, which acts as a broad spectrum protectant that may decrease damage from insect pests, but more importantly as a protectant against sunburn and heat stress on grapes. Surround is made from kaolin clay, an edible mineral, used in toothpaste and also as an anti-caking agent in processed foods. This product is apparently acceptable for use in organically grown vineyards. Whoop-de-doo!
It may well work, it just looks weird.


Do Bianchi said...

what are your predictions for harvest in Napa at this point? obviously late... but how late?

Affer said...

Kaolin and Morphine....mmmm! Pity it's no longer available!

Thomas said...

Funny, Affer. I had a similar thought.

The pic looks almost like powdery mildew, a particular joy in this part of viticulture...

PS: isn't kaolin the ingredient in Kaopectate?

Vinogirl said...

2B: It's going to be fine, although it may spill over into November, especially if we don't get any early rains. The latest Cabs usually don't come in until a day or three before Halloween on any given year, so we still have plenty of time. Lower alcohols are being forecast though, which just means I can drink more good stuff :)

Affer: They don't? I used to love the smell of that stuff when I was little.

Thomas: I think Affer is more interested in the morphine ingredient!