Monday, September 13, 2010

Leaf by leaf.

A little bit of chlorosis. A little bit of marginal burn. Pretty colours.
Autumn/harvest is just around the corner.


Affer said...

Autumn can be such a beautiful season...the leaves have started to fall in Turnipia, which means: CONKERS!!

Thud said...

Affer I seem to be conker rich this year...if only I could travel in time I would be the most popular chap in school.

Thomas said...

Are you guys speaking English?

Vinogirl said...

Affer: Yay...conkers!

Thud: May all your conkers be winners.

Thomas: Don't you have horse-chestnut trees in New York?

Thomas said...


Our "conkers" are black and English walnuts. The latter is cause for concern here, since it attracts red squirrels that get into the attic where they stash the walnuts and then all winter long bowl up there between 1 and 5 am!

I should take the tree down, but I like the walnuts too.

By the way, for two days now Googke blogger has been giving me trouble before I can comment on your blog.