Wednesday, September 01, 2010

California Wine Month 2010.

Time flies. It's September already. And once again it's California Wine Month. In celebration of all the wine producing areas of the Golden State, not just the Napa Valley, the Governor has proclaimed a month long Californian bacchanalia...sort of. To have a successful event like this you have to have enthusiastic participants. Unfortunately, with each successive year, interest in California Wine Month within the industry itself has waned. Oh well.
I will, however, be doing my bit by drinking nothing but Californian wines all month, so please join me. So resist reaching for that robust Argentinian Malbec or that powerful Australian Shiraz. Instead, fill your glass with a hearty Californian Zinfandel and toast the Californian wine industry along with Vinogirl. Cheers!


Thud said...

Will do.

Vinogirl said...

Maybe we can drink together on Skype!

New Hampshire Wineman said...

Vinogirl, I can't tell you what a great photo this is!
As for drinking Cali Zin. I've made a great contribution to that effort.
Drinking wine with Thud on Skype is just soooo Koool!

Vinogirl said...

NHW: Wish I could take credit for the illustration, but it was the Wine Institute's official poster for 2010.