Sunday, November 29, 2009

Oil Futures.

"Except the vine, there is no plant which bears a fruit of as great importance as the olive." Pliny the Elder (AD 23-79).
I would agree, although I am quite partial to the humble strawberry. Vinomaker would disagree: He thinks any land planted to olive trees would be invariably better off if planted to vines.
Our neighbours have formed an olive oil cooperative and today was their olive harvest. I, for one, hope it was successful and bountiful as I enjoy the couple of bottles they give us...olive oil pairs well with wine.


Thud said...

It just reminds me of unidentified glops of protein floating around in an oily sea of sludge that is sometimes served as food in Greece.

Affer said...
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Affer said...

(sorry...wrotten speling).

Good olive oil has such an amazing flavour that it stands on its own as food. Poor olive oil is best poured in the central heating-oil tank! But isn't the $return/per litre much higher than for wine?

The villager: said...

Being a big fan of Greece, I have come to delight in olives and good olive oil.