Saturday, November 07, 2009

A Guy's wine.

It's Saturday night and the task at hand for all in Vinoland is to drink some good wine and enjoy a slightly delayed celebration of Bonfire night.
We started the festivities quite early. Vinomaker, Thud and I quickly polished off a bottle of Laurent-Perrier Cuvée Rosé Brut before moving on to Vinomaker's finest '04 Cabernet franc, (a wine not suitable for women and children, except me of course.) But not before Thud had worked his magic with a can of treacle, butter, brown-sugar, water and lemon juice. This little tradition of whipping up a batch of homemade toffee for 'Bommy Night' is something Thud started when we were quite young children. The resulting treacle toffee was quickly dispatched whilst sitting around a fire pit, complete with a spark screen. Pathetic, I know, but this is tinder-box dry California after all.


Thud said...

Guido Fawkes did not suffer in vain if we were able to celebrate his demise in such a tasty fashion.

The villager: said...

It's good to see that black treacle tin !

monkey said...

where you have to share your toffee out i have to eat it all my self as tenbelllies is not keen. not to worry though.
04 cab franc i remember such a bottle it seems a very worthy celebration.

Lord Roby said...

You have just reminded me that I forgot to indulge in a toffee apple this year.I passed a few but forgot to pick one up.Damn! Do such delicacies exist in Napa?

Vinogirl said...

Tasty treacle treat and a worthy celebratory wine all in one!

M'Lord, caramel apples here...just not the same as the sugary good, hard red stuff on the apples at home.