Saturday, December 20, 2008

Buckfast Abbey.

In honour of what would have been my maternal grandparent's 85th wedding anniversary, I thought I'd cast my minds eye back to a place we all visited together on family holidays.
My Devonian auntie Dot lived in Totnes, a wonderful Elizabethan town on the River Dart, and each summer we would all pile into our Ford Consul and head south-west. It was a long journey. To the tiny Vinogirl, Totnes was the best place in my little universe and I couldn't wait to get back there every summer, (the family sometimes managed it twice)...and back to Bonzo the dog, as my canine love affair had started early.
The Tonic Wine that the wonderful monks at Buckfast are famous for is not for everyone. I'm sitting here drinking a fab Mi Sueño Syrah right now, which in contrast to that dark, viscous elixir, the thought of which sends shivers down my spine, is fruit forward, spicy and easy to drink. But, monks, an abbey, a tonic wine, how fabulous that such a throwback exists in this day and age.
That's it, I'm off to listen to my 'Carols from Buckfast' CD, a tonic for the soul this Yuletide.


Thud said...

Buckfast abbey may hold pleasant memories for us but for countless Glaswegians its the path to oblivion.

Vinogirl said...

It's cold up there...that may be the only thing that helps!

Joe Roberts said...

Well, they probably don't call it Tonic wine for nothin'! :)