Thursday, December 25, 2008

Happy Christmas.

Merry Yuletide wishes from Vinogirl, Vinomaker, the Vinodogs and The Widow.


Thud said...

Looking good.

Vinogirl said...

Yea, like a bar scene in a Hammer horror film!

monkey said...

merry crimbo, plenty of vino flowing i hope.

winecountrydog said...

Is Santa Paws givin' rides on New Year's eve in that red VW? We wanna avoid gettin' in trouble while driving around singin' "Auld Lang Dog"!

Yappy New Year!

pawlitico said...

Woof thanks fur your nice comment about my ale piece!

Dog-ma finished the Union Jack IPA and enjoyed every drop. She's so happy that Tilin Corgi feels good.

Re. your ques., we corgis have never been to a harvest party at Elkhorn Peak. Should we put this on the calendar fur '09?

Yappy New Year from Jack Corgi. ^..^

Vinogirl said...

Cute, cute poochies :)
At the aforementioned party 2 years ago and there was a Pembroke there with it's back legs in a had the happiest face :)