Friday, December 19, 2008

Winery Christmas Lights 1.

There are just two roads that run the length of the Napa Valley, north-south. Highway 29 on the west and the Silverado Trail on the east. A quick drive up the Trail and down Hwy 29 this time of year delivers 'fairy light' gratification to Vinogirl.
Now some wineries just don't photograph well so I am just going to post a few that do.
This winery is quite new, (18 months old), and quite frankly, their wine is nothing to, well, blog about...but their fairy lights are quite fetching. In true Napa Valley style, the trees are not Christmas trees, but olive trees...but I think they look brilliant anyway. Look at the shadow the 'Black Stallion' casts, it's almost as big as the one V2's ears create!


Lord Roby said...

Almost as good as the Grand Place!

Thud said...

I am homesick!...ha!

winecountrydog said...

A wine that's nothin' to blog about! Howl, that's a good one. I like your bloggin'.

I like V2's ears too. Arfully cute! Perhaps we'll share a dogsicle some day. ^..^

Vinogirl said...

WCD...I LOVE corgis, saw a puppy, rather recently at the Oakville Grocery, very QE2. Welcome to Vinsanity, it's a happy place, very dog friendly :)

winecountrydog said...

Woof thanks fur the welcome, VG!

Jack Corgi & I are lookin' furward to light-tasting in Sonoma County this week. We'll be chaffeured QE2-style by dog-ma, who'll no doubt have to bundle up, while we'll be warm in our own furabouts.

I showed dog-ma your nice photo of Sutter Home lights. Smiling, she said they got a bad rap for their clever white Zin marketin', and yet ros├ęs are en vogue again. You pawbably know what she means. I don't understand issues of the human palate. Not that I'm not discriminating. I just can't imagine arguing with another dog over the dryness of my snacks.

Dog-ma promises to take me winetasting more often. I'll try to paw-write about it . . . if I don't dogress to beer-tasting.

Happy Howlidays, V1 & V2 and everybuddy!