Thursday, December 18, 2008


Vinodog 2 is enjoying an early morning snack of...frost. That dog will eat anything.
It's 23 degrees F right now, unseasonably cold for Napa. The leaves on the vines from a couple of posts ago are now all on the vineyard floor, having been blown off in brisk winds on Tuesday. Last season's wood, trained up through the trellising wires, is white with frost. The scene from my window all looks very festive...if only a robin red breast would appear and bob through this tableau.
Alas, I just have V2, (V1 is in her bed, the old dog is not so daft).
Look at those ears!!!


Vinomaker said...

Robins would be great but I am hoping to see an American Robin (Turdus migratorius), actually of the thrush family, wandering about in the vineyard. That would mark the beginning of spring when those clever feathery migrants return to the cold north country. They are not so dumb. I have already had enough of the sparkling frost stuff and am considering joining them on the beach in Mexico!

Vinogirl said...

Turdus...hmmm, they are brown.
Send me and the girls a postcard will ya?

monkey said...

Vinomaker a little bit of cold at chriatmas time is only natural. I love the frost and the crisp mornings if only we could have snow too.

Thud said...

you said turdus...ha ha ha!