Sunday, April 16, 2017

Happy Yeaster, 2017.

Sorry, but I couldn't resist using the pun, Yeaster, supplied by the manufacturer of this Easter egg.  Titter, titter.
It is Easter Sunday and, as is the tradition in England, a lot of chocolate eggs have been exchanged: big, tasty chocolate Easter eggs.  My Lenten fast ended just before breakfast this morning with my first taste of chocolate since February.  Yum!
I may not have had a lot of fermented grape juice since I have been home, but Thud wanted to make sure that I still had something yeasty. So he bought me this Marmite egg to try.  Marmite is a spread made out of yeast; it is dark, sticky, smelly and extremely salty.  Lots of people love it, or hate it.  Thud and I never had Marmite when we were growing up, it wasn't something our Vinomum liked even, so we never acquired a taste for it.  I had cousins who liked Marmite and they would eat it spread on top of buttered bread.  Yuck!
The Marmite Easter egg tasted bizarre.  I wouldn't say that I hated it exactly, but Marmite flavoured chocolate is not something I would really want to eat again, (but I'll try anything once).  It was intensely salty.  If I wanted to be pretentious about it, I'd describe the taste as umami-like. Titter, titter, again.
Eat chocolate!


Dennis Tsiorbas said...

Titter, titter is for the wise, or is it the wise guys, but either way amusingly musing about to umami or not to umami always boomerangs me to the mysterious flavor in wine.
I trust Vinomaker will have a good supply of chocolates waiting for your return.
And Happy Easter to you and yours!

Thud said...

Marmite choc, a brave new world.

Vinogirl said...

NHW: Some people are simply umami-balmy, just enjoy what you drink.
Vinomaker will probably have forgotten to get some bags of Mini Eggs in for me :(
Hope you had a great family day.

Thud: I, for one, don't want to go there.