Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Dr. Frank.

The next book, in my personal quest to understand more about the history of Vitis vinifera in the United States, is this book by Tom Russ: Finger Lakes Wine and the Legacy of Dr. Konstantin Frank.
Dr. Frank was by all accounts a bit of a poop disturber; in that he tried to shake up the New York state wine industry by repeatedly insisting that V. vinifera, i.e., European winegrape varieties, could thrive in the eastern United States.  It is in Dr. Frank's expertise as a viticulturalist, and his scientific approach to clonal selections, that I am mostly interested in.
Love wine-history.


About Last Weekend said...

Isn't that cool when you get on an investigative thing like that?

Vinogirl said...

ALW: I am thoroughly enjoying myself. There is, surprisingly, quite a bit to investigate given the brevity of the winegrape's history in the US.

Thud said...

Looks good on a night sleep is difficult to come by!

Dennis Tsiorbas said...

VG: Just thought this FB 2:24 commercial might interest you:

Vinogirl said...

NHW: I will make that pilgrimage one day.