Thursday, March 17, 2016

Mo' wine choice in Napa.

At 6.00 pm sharp, in lieu of a ribbon cutting ceremony, a bottle of Champagne was sabered (the severed cork and bottleneck can be seen on the left) in celebration of the grand opening of a new BevMo in Napa.
It's about time.  Napa has been sorely in need of a wine/liquor store since JV Wine & Spirits closed down almost 4 years ago.  BevMo, a Bay Area company, has 158 stores in total and up until today my local BevMo was the store in Walnut Creek.  The Napa location is a welcome arrival, very convenient.  Local dignitaries were on hand; wine flowed, cheese cubed, coupons redeemed.  And yes, Vinomaker and I managed to find a bottle, or six, that we just had to have. Then we went to a sushi restaurant.
I began pruning the Cabernet Sauvignon vines this morning and my hands hurt already - the wood is just so much harder than the other three grape varieties that grow here in Vinoland. However, the weather was pain free and fabulous - high 70s as promised.  I had finished tying down the Syrah canes on Tuesday after work, so today's cooperative-weather meant I could concentrate fully on pruning.  A good day.


Thud said...

A bit like my day...erm very cold out,and potty training speedy indoors, ok not like my day at all...bevmo!

Dennis Tsiorbas said...

VG: Right out of Liverpool to show all those Cali fancy wine shops that even a small family restaurant can serve Barolo: Homesick?

Vinogirl said...

Thud: Well, sort of, there was liquid involved - rain.

NHW: I know that area of Liverpool quite well...Grassendale, a little further down Aigburth Road, had some beautiful mansions once.
£24.95 is about $40.00, not bad, but decent Barolos are to be had in the local supermarket. The proximity to Italy helps with selection, as BevMo will help with mine.