Sunday, March 06, 2016


It has rained and rained the past two days and there is more to come, sigh. On my way out for a walk with Vinodog 2 this morning, a quick check of Vinoland's rain gauge indicated that 4 inches of the wet stuff had fallen on me (I am taking it personal) in a little over 24 hours.  My weekend has been a disaster as far as pruning is concerned, I only managed to get a small number of Syrah vines pruned.  I feel like I am falling behind on my pruning schedule, so, yes, I am taking this ungodly amount of rainfall personal.  So is Vinomaker.
First thing this morning the sun was actually shining, but just for a little while.  As I was making breakfast I looked out to see if all that rain had had any effect on the creek that runs along the eastern edge of Vinoland. As it happens, I couldn't see the creek because during the night a huge oak tree had fallen across the creek just missing the Pinot grigio vines. On looking closer, I realised that a second tree had fallen, behind the first one, and had just missed crushing a neighbours fence.
Vinomaker is gutted, storm-felled trees are a lot of work.  He has been very busy the past few weeks removing sweet broom, acacia and an out of control bramble patch from the creek area - the last thing he wanted, I am sure, is the amount of chainsawing and chipping that removing these two trees will necessitate.  Me? All that I could think of was how toasty all that firewood will make me feel on a future, cold winter's night.


Dennis Tsiorbas said...

Looks and sounds like a Jungle-book!

Thud said...

torn rotator cuff but load me up on bourbon and painkillers and I'm on it! haha!

Thomas said...

And what about that stinkin' drought?

On the other hand, we seem to be having an early spring, which gave the red squirrels and chipmunks the signal to invade my property. I am ready to kill them all, especially after I caught not a squirrel in my Have-a-Hart trap, but a skunk. Try removing that without a permeation.

Anyway, felled trees are a common sight around here, but not usually oak.

Vinogirl said...

NHW: Jungle Book? Feels like a scene from Wuthering Heights!

Thud: We'll save it for you to hack up then.

Tomasso: I don't think the powers that be will ever truly tell the tax paying citizens of the state of California how much water they have had this year because then they wouldn't be able to charge surcharges for water usage, or penalties for using more than your fair share.