Friday, February 26, 2016

A pop of colour.

It's a bit early to celebrate California Poppy Day (April 6th), but this happens to be the first poppy to bloom in Vinoland this year and I think it is at least worth a mention.  This afternoon, I was busily pruning away in the Syrah vines when I looked up and spotted this poppy flowering away all by its lonesome.  Well, there was a tiny, pollen-covered Amartus tinctus beetle crawling along the edge of one of the poppy's petals, but no other buds had deigned to open and keep this single, fiery-hued flower company.  California poppies grow like weeds almost everywhere in and around Vinoland as they are prolific self-seeders.
The poppy is not the only splash of colour in Vinoland; there are field marigolds, vinca, vetch, buttercups, oxalis, speedwell (all the usual weed-suspects) flourishing already, but none are quite as eye-catching as the California state flower. Pruning is progressing better than expected due to the fact that the weather has been behaving itself.  Still, pruning can be pretty monotonous, so it's nice to now and again look up from a vine and spot such a cheery bloom.


Dennis Tsiorbas said...

Love it: (all the usual weed-suspects),
Wished I wasn't so old and could afford to help with the pruning: One person's monotonous is another's meditation! ;-)

Thomas said...


Am I to assume you prune with a hand pruner, sans help from a hydraulic? If so, I feel your pain, and understand your bent toward seeing colors, er, colours.

Thud said...

A great little plant, very cheering.

Vinogirl said...

NHW: I admit, it can be somewhat therapeutic.

Tomasso: Yes, old fashioned hand pruning - and taped up fingers to ward off blisters.

Thud: They are. And they bloom nearly year round.