Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Vinsanity: Another new logo.

How about this Liverbird for Vinsanity's logo? Cool, eh?
A co-worker of mine at TWWIAGE is quite a good doodler - he is always scribbling away at something or other.  Taking advantage of  The Doodler's talent, I asked him if he could draw me a Liverbird with grapes. Of course, I first had to explain to him exactly what a Liverbird was, but, after a couple of internet searches, it didn't take him long to come up with this sketch of my newest feathered-friend.
Fierce looking, with a bunch of grapes in its beak and a picking knife in its claw, this Liverbird looks all set for harvesting action - a bit like me...yeah, right.


Dennis Tsiorbas said...

Excellent! When I was young, I used to draw dinosaurs and birds, the claws (talons) were the hardest part. Will you color it red? Keep within the lines!
No new news from marketing class?

Thud said...

could have done with that at anfield tonight

Vinogirl said...

NHW: I was thinking of tinting just the berries red. My marketing class is this evening.

Thud: Well, a draw is better than a defeat