Friday, October 23, 2015

Going snorkelling.

There is a new tool in Vinoland.  Meet, The Snorkel.
For years now, Vinomaker and I have been using a home-made apparatus to separate the free-run juice from the pressed juice.  Our DIY jobbie was made from food grade plastic and performed the task fairly well, but it was difficult to clean, and therein lies the problem.  Anything, absolutely anything, that is used in the winemaking process from beginning to end has to be cleanable.  There are a lot of ways to spoil wine and using dirty equipment is right at the top of the list.  The most important thing to remember about microbial spoilage - from yeasts and bacterium - is that it is a whole lot easier to prevent the development of these microorganisms in the production of wine than it is to deal with the adverse effects of spoilage once it has happened.
Not exactly a cheap item, The Snorkel's retail price is $290.  Vinomaker was considering another home-made gizmo, but when he did a little bit of research he found the cost of the materials alone would have been about $150. Much easier, and time management efficient, to just buy one that someone else manufactured. The Snorkel made the whole pressing operation, along with the fact that our hydraulic basket press was feeling better today, much more expeditious.
Harvest and winemaking 2015 is complete.  Yay!


Dennis Tsiorbas said...

$290=1/3 the price of the Harlan Cab!
You guys made the right choice.
Oh, do you drink much of your own wine? (Is this a redundant question)????

Vinogirl said...

NHW: We drink quite a bit of our own wine, but we drink quite a bit of other people's wine too :)

Irvin Moss said...

Oh yeah, everything has to be pretty immaculate when it comes to making things that are to be ingested. Germs and bacteria can grow anywhere, so you really have to stay on top of keeping everything spotless... or as spotless as they can be when you're making wine. LOL. Very cool that you can make your own snorkel for a cheaper price.

Irvin Moss @ Shop Brewmeister

Vinogirl said...

IM: Irvin, welcome to Vinsanity. Yea, we could have made a snorkel (just Vinomaker, actually, ignore the 'royal we'), but decided to buy one instead. It was a great investment though.