Friday, June 20, 2014

Vinomaker likes Viognier.

Vinomaker doesn't just like Viognier, he loves this particular grape variety and is always looking for new producers of this not particularly common wine varietal.  Although his current favourite is Miner Family's, 2012 Simpson Vineyard Viognier (Madera County), this tangent (their lower case 't' not mine) Winery's, 2012 Viognier, Edna Valley AVA (a sub-appellation of the Central Coast AVA) was very nice.  And it's always nice to try something that doesn't hail from Napa or Sonoma.
The nose on this wine was fairly typical of this varietal; creamy-peach/apricot floral-ness, yum.  I, myself, would have preferred perhaps a little more acid, but the peachy-cantaloupe taste bud goings-on were very pleasing.  But what made me, and to a slightly lesser extent Vinomaker, really enjoy this wine was tangent's back-story.  This winery only makes white wines; Sauvignon blanc, Albari├▒o, Pinot gris, Grenache blanc and this Viognier - isn't that fab?  And if not absolutely fabulous, isn't it at least very refreshing?  I think so.
Each white wine that tangent produces is 100% stainless steel fermented.  This winery's approach to winemaking, whilst not totally unique, is still rather interesting - which in turn makes for a rather interesting wine-drinking experience.  I must try tangent's other wines.


Trubes said...

I love the Viognier grape/wine, there are quite a few varieties in the UK although I haven't seen any Californian yet.

About Last Weekend said...

Oh Kevin always orders Viognier! I will send him this link

Dennis Tsiorbas said...

Yeah, straight Viognier is not that common in NH, but I have found a couple, both were light on acid, floral, and 14% or more ABV.

Vinogirl said...

Trubes: Di, think I saw 'Yalumba' a South African Viognier' (that I have had over here), in the supermarket when I was last home in January.

ALW: Must be a husband thing :)

NHW: But Pine Ridge's Chenin blanc/Viognier, if you can get it, is well worth ignoring the 100% version.