Sunday, March 16, 2014

Syrah in a jar.

The 2014 Syrah pruning is in the bag.  Yup, finished pruning the Syrah today, yay!  And not a moment too soon, I'll say.  The vines seemed to be getting more and more enthused, popping out leaves and flower clusters before my very eyes, as I worked my way along the last two rows.  I couldn't resist bringing some cuttings indoors prolonging their life a little, and getting to enjoy some really fresh greenery, if only for a few days.
Now, back to the Cabernet vines.


Do Bianchi said...

"I saw a lion. He was standing alone with a Syrah in a jar."

Thud will be glad to learn that I listen to other music beyond the Fab Four.

Vinogirl, you probably don't know that my childhood nickname is Jar! :)

Dennis Tsiorbas said...

D.B. is that a Led Zeppelin song?
You're not the only eclectic music lover here :-)

About Last Weekend said...

Gosh - how are they coping with all this crazy weather. yesterday the kids were at the pool, today i have the heating on. Hope you're doing well

Vinogirl said...

2B: Ha, still an English band though!
Jar? Short for Jeremy, I assume.

NHW: Yes, Led Zeppelin.

ALW: We have had consistent mid-70s here for a while Oakland fog :)