Saturday, March 01, 2014

Happy St. David's Day: 2014.

'March comes in like a lion, and goes out like a lamb.'  So goes the old saying, but with March being such a changeable month, weather-wise, this saying may not always ring true.  And of course it all depends on ones geography: I am more likely to experience lamb-like conditions towards the end of March in Napa than my brother is likely to experience in Liverpool.
March definitely came in like a lion in Napa.  Extremely high winds overnight, that continued until about 11 a.m., have made a mess of Vinoland, with branches and twigs strewn all over the place.  V2, who is morbidly afraid of wind, has been pinned to my side and has been loath to go outside - even for her morning ablutions.  I generally don't like wind myself, it's very unsettling.  One good thing, however, is that the wind has dried-up the ground a bit.  It was very muddy working, tying down canes, in the Pinot grigio vines yesterday.  I should have better luck today, at not getting stuck, when I start pruning the Cabernet Sauvignon vines.
So Happy St. David's Day to all - whether one is of Welsh extraction, or not.
Bore da!


Thud said...

There had better be a heatwave in july in Napa...I'm counting onit!

Dennis Tsiorbas said...

Oh, V2, I'm so glad you have someone to cling to! Vinogirl, please tell V2 we all love her!
Also, a picture of your boots with mud all over them will effectively tell the story :-)

Thomas said...

Thud, do not wish for have no idea what it can be like.

As for March, I cannot remember any in my lifetime that went out like a lamb. All I ever want of March is for it to stop, but in the Northeast, March lasts 45 days, and now that Daylight Savings Time begins a month earlier, in March, we can see the miserable weather outside an hour longer than in the past.

I've always hated the month of March, and it has never made a peace offering to win me over.

Thud said...

Thomas.....mad dogs and Englishmen etc!

Vinogirl said...

Thud: I am sure California will deliver.

NHW: My boots look like they have 1/2 inch mud-platforms right now. Not pretty.

Tomasso: I have never experienced weather that was too hot for Thud, or Vinomaker. I on the other hand wilt quite easily.
March is much kinder to Californians.

Thomas said...


It's hard for weather to get too hot for me. Some of my best weather memories were the desert-like times when I lived in Tehran.

My wife, whose blood is sourced 50% Wales and 50% Ireland, experiences summer wilt--as early as spring!