Friday, November 22, 2013

The leaves have taken their leave.

After two days of rain (the first of the season, really) and 24 hours of unusually high winds (sustained wind speeds topping 40 mph, with gusts up to 69 mph), I should have known better than to expect a relaxing breakfast this sunny, but still windy Friday morning.  "Would you like more coffee," says Vinomaker, "and by the way, there are 3 deer in the vineyard."  What??? 
Now it's not like deer can do any damage in the vineyard this time of year, but they are still a nuisance.  The vines, that were full of yellowing leaves on Monday, are practically naked after suffering through so much weather the past 72 hours.  There is absolutely nothing in Vinoland for the deer to munch on this time of year.
Initially, we thought the deer had entered through one of Vinoland's front gates.  The wind was so strong last night that the larger of the two gates had been blown off it's tracks, which left ample space on either side that the two does and one yearling could have easily stepped through.  After a few, unsuccessful, attempts at trying to encourage the interlopers to exit Vinoland through the other, now open, gate, the deer led Vinomaker to where they had actually sneaked into the vineyard. 
Timber!  A neighbour's pine tree on our fence line had blown over.  In the process it had peeled open a 6' by 4' hole in our deer fence where, even now, there were more deer standing about contemplating also visiting Vinoland.  I don't think so.  Actually, our unfortunate neighbour had a second tree topple over just outside his backdoor.  He's a lucky man.  Or, isn't.  I expect I'll be hearing a lot of dueling chainsaws this weekend.


Dennis Tsiorbas said...

Vinogirl, I hope you had that cup of coffee, as it seems you needed the extra energy.
More than twenty seven years ago we moved into our little ranch home, and I soon began planting dozens of trees, with deciduous trees to the south and east, with conifers mostly on the north side: they've been a constant pruning problem ever since, but I love them anyway!

About Last Weekend said...

Dueling chainsaws hilarious. Buzzers at dawn!!! We don't many deer in our yard (any) more stinky creatures and sometimes whole families of them

Thomas said...

In NY it is deer hunting season. I watch from our kitchen window the hunters stalking through the vineyard rows, slowly moving along like creeping orange predators. I look a few yards north or south and I see a deer family galloping off into the nearby woods as if they are laughing at the hunters whose sense of the hunt appears to be nil.

We used to have deer in winter chomp away at our evergreens in front of the house. By strategically placing our cars neat the trees, the deer were driven away from the spot. They don't like their own reflection.

Dis you know that deer love Riesling and Gewurztraminer before the two are converted into nectar?

Deer me; I am rambling.

Vinogirl said...

NHW: I like most trees, but Vinoland is now covered in a 2 inch thick carpet of scrub oak leaves and least favourite oak tree.

ALW: We get stinky creatures here too...V2 could even top that list herself as she likes to roll in the stinky creatures scat!

Tomasso: You wouldn't think orange would be a good colour to wear when you want to creep up on something!
So deer aren't narcissistic?
So wie der Hirsch reisling?
Ramble on...