Monday, November 18, 2013

If I had a hammer.

So I was thinking further on how the folks at Mer Soleil produce their Silver Chardonnay.  Much is made of how Silver is fermented in "small Nomblot cement tanks" (they've even gone to the trouble of screen printing an egg on the back of the bottle to illustrate this fact).  And Silver is packaged in a ceramic bottle that they say, "continues to preserve the bright, fresh fruit characters" of the wine, I was curious as to whether or not the inside of the bottle was glazed.  Would an unglazed interior continue the whole cement/ceramic/oxygen-aging thingy?  One way to find out...enter Vinomaker with a hammer, (but not before the Vinodogs donned their safety glasses, of course).  One good whack later and the bottle's insides were laid bare.  The inside of the bottle was glazed (with extra glazing in the neck area, no doubt to ensure a cork slips in and out with ease).  There you have it: make of it what you will because I am done thinking about this wine.
Disclaimer:  No normal glass bottles were harmed in the smashing open of this ceramic one.


Dennis Tsiorbas said...

I'm done thinking about this too!
Until Vinogirl mentions it again;-)

Thomas said...

One last thought: weren't those Roman cement things glazed with led ;) GASP!

Thud said...

You need a rest or a hobby or sedating.

Vinogirl said...

NHW: Nope, that's it!

Tomasso: Light emitting diodes? I knew the Romans were good, but not that good :)

Thud: Or all three.