Sunday, January 27, 2013

Ripped from the headlines.

Headlines can be alarming if taken out of context.  At first I thought this article, in today's Napa Register, was advocating the removal of wine-grapes to make way for other crops.  For a brief moment, I had visions of the vineyards at TWWIAGE being ripped out and planted over to spuds. But fear not, banishing Vitis vinifera from the county of Napa is not the type of agricultural alteration the reformers in the article have in mind. Phew!
A group of local chefs, growers, residents and local government officials (including the Napa County Agricultural Commissioner, Dave Whitmer) have banded together to form a Local Food Advisory Council whose goal is to advance a more sustainable approach to the local food system.  I'm all for promoting local produce, for me it means fresher and tastier food on my plate.  But let's also continue to promote wine-grapes, those precious little berries that bring in a whole lot of revenue.


Thud said...

That's it....Thuds Rutherford dust spuds...20 nicker a shot, I've got it made.

Vinogirl said...

Thud: A great business idea. Note to self: must find suitable property with its own source of water.