Wednesday, July 18, 2012

A favourite moth.

Everyone has a favourite moth, right?  No?  Well, I'm shocked.  I do, and so does Vinomaker.  Whilst Vinomaker is quite partial to the Polyphemus moth (Antherea polyphemus), I like something a little more moth-sized...not bread plate-sized.  The Plume moth (Hellinsia homodactyla), or T-shaped moth as I usually call it, is just so funny looking that I can't help but like it.  These moths spend their time, quite happy it seems, amongst my potted herbs and annuals, until I disturb them by giving them an unsolicited daily shower.  This particular moth temporarily removed itself to a nearby hydrangea and waited, patiently, until I was finished watering.  Vinoland is such a diverse, happy place.
Hurt no living thing: 
Ladybird, nor butterfly, 
Nor moth with dusty wing.  C.G. Rossetti.


Thomas said...

I must admit that you finally found a subject about which I have never given a thought, except for the family of moths that attempted to eat my Persian carpet.

Thud said...

Other than ants, bees and flutterbys if it flys or crawls I want it dead.

Vinogirl said...

Thomas: Sometimes, methinks I think too much!

Thud: And to think once you wanted to be a zoologist.