Friday, June 15, 2012

The incredible cork.

The first bottling event of Vinoland's bottling season went without a hitch today.  Vinomaker has been busy all week sourcing pallets of Burgundy style bottles (for a 2010 Sonoma Syrah) and vacuum-sealed bags of SO2 treated corks.
Whilst I do appreciate the incontrovertible simplicity of a screw cap closure (on an inexpensive white wine perhaps), I am a big fan of cork - I think I've mentioned that before.  Screw caps are perhaps the perfect wine-bottle closure in technical terms, but I still favour the age old tradition of a natural cork closure.  Call me old-fashioned.
Someone once advocated to me the use of crown caps for wine bottles (especially for home-winemaking), the very same closure as one would find atop a beer bottle. Far fetched?  Hardly, considering even the very finest champagnes on the planet are sealed with crown caps all the way through tirage and remuage etc.  I can imagine dégorgement would be much more difficult a process if dealing with a cork.
Funny, suddenly I feel like a glass of something bubbly.  Beer, or champagne?


Thud said...

I see its hot today in Napa so cold cold lager is the order of the day.

Thomas said...


NHwineman said...

Amen! wine?
Is that cork prominent for a reason? Some epiphany?

NHwineman said...

I should have said: I'm in-Cline-d to see this as an affirmation of your corky preference for its old fashion usage.

Vinogirl said...

Thud: Yes, it was 102. Lots of water and a rosé of Malbec.

Thomas: Both have bubbles.

NHW: That cork is from a bottle of 'Leap of Faith' a non-commercial wine made by an acquaintance.

Ron Combo said...

Are the corks from Diam?