Thursday, June 16, 2011

The perfect flower.

At last, in the Orange muscat block, the calyptra (covering the stamens and carpels) are brown and are beginning to be pushed off by the embryonic grape below. As is also the case in the Pinot gris block, the Cabernet sauvignon, and the Syrah.
In botany, the grape flower is indeed the perfect flower as it is hermaphroditic - containing both female and male reproductive parts. Let the flowering begin...whoo hoo!


Vinomaker said...

This fertilization process has been so late this year I was beginning to wonder if the vines were just not interested in the process. I thought we would need to go out in search of some attractive suitors to get them motivated!

Vinogirl said...

No bees are needed for this process...still, better late than never.

Affer said...

I guess there are advantages in being would have saved me a lot of alimony for starters!