Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Just add water.

Whatever your feelings are on cork versus screwcaps (or any other new-fangled wine closure), you cannot deny that cork is undoubtedly the most traditional and widely used of all the stoppers that can actually keep wine in a bottle.
A co-worker (who shall hence forth be known as the Marketing Queen) gave me this Grow-A-Tree kit; a bit of marketing fluff from Cork Supply USA touting the "100% natural, renewable, recyclable, and biodegradable" attributes of Quercus suber. One could hardly call their attempt to champion the CO2-chomping cork oak tree as eco-friendly; the kit contains a plastic growing tube, two plastic wrapped acorns, a plastic bag of growing medium, and a plastic bag of perlite. At least the instruction sheet appears to be printed on recycled paper! Oh...and they ask you to kindly recycle the cardboard tube that the plastic, sorry I mean acorns, came in.
Seeing as I already have a few baby cork oaks growing in Vinoland, I am going to plant these two little acorns and watch them grow into mighty bottle-stopper-producers also...if I live to be 100 that is.


Affer said...

I don't know much about corks and trees....but I do know that tomatoes just LOVE CO2! British Sugar's tom-plant use the gas from sugar making to grow 70-80 million toms between February and November.

Plant tomatoes,VG!

Vinogirl said...

Affer, I have...more than usual, plus lots of basil. I could live on Insalata Caprese in the summer, now if I could just figure out how to grow the buffalo.
Good on British Sugar by the way, recycling all that CO2.

The villager: said...

The world needs so many more trees, so this seems a good plan !

Thomas said...

Funny, about the eco-friendly thing.

Just yesterday I was reading the label of a California bulk wine producer that listed the 4 or 5 eco-friendly attributes of the packaging, etc. Then, I noticed that the wine was imported by this California company from Australia. No mention of the fossil fuel energy spent to get the stuff from there to here.

Eco-friendly has gone mainstream, right to the old Madison Avenue camp...

Vinogirl said...

Villager: We have a LOT of trees in Vinoland.

Thomas: It's all marketing, right? That's why I try to drink Vinomaker's wine mostly (I grow the grapes so they don't travel very far), or at least a Napa producer...not just because I live in Napa.