Sunday, June 06, 2010

D is for...

...damned lucky!
A propitiously warm Napa evening had me, Vinomaker and the Vinodogs dining outside for what was only the 3rd time this year. A white bean cassoulet, green salad, and garlic bread was just what the doctor ordered after a hot afternoon spent in the vineyard suckering the vines.
We initially paired the cassoulet with a Saddleback Cellars 2008 Pinot blanc, a wine we have enjoyed a lot of lately. Nils Venge, the proprietor of Saddleback Cellars, is perhaps mostly known in these parts for being the first American ever to achieve a perfect 100 point score, given by internationally renowned wine critic Robert Parker Jr. It was OK with the cassoulet. I love this wine just on it's own, but we switched to a Groth 2005 Cabernet sauvignon - the winery at which Mr. Venge was employed when he vinted the 1985 Cabernet sauvignon Reserve that garnered the perfect score.
A French dish paired with French wine varietals on this the most auspicious of days...D-Day; when if it wasn't for our brave British troops, and their stalwart American and Canadian allies, I'd more than likely be sitting here drinking a Gew├╝rztraminer right now!


Thud said...

D is for damned Frogs!

Ron Combo said...

Those Frenchies eh? Here in our part of Italy (north west), Napoleon is seen as some sort of hero-liberator. Beats me.

Lord Roby said...

Ahh! It's a hard life in Napa.Methinks I'm the 'sucker' for living Two Dogs.If it wasn't for my D-Day veteran Dad I wouldn't be sitting here drinking right now either.Although,he was only an Able Seaman on a landing craft.And,if you drink anymore of that top notch Vino you will be seeing spirits.Oh!and was Robert the brother of Ray?..... Don't call me I'll call you buster!!
If you are looking for a resident gopher catcher that Heron chap has got nothing on me.

Vinomaker said...

I admit that as much as I appreciate all the freedom we still have here, I am very concerned about the direction of our political policies that continually seek to erode it. As I watch and discuss this happening at least I still have an amazing choice of wines, including Riesling, to comfort me. I am grateful to those who fought so far away to provide some freedoms closer to home!

DS said...

D is for those damn Rabbits. the blighters are eating all our vines...any bright ideas for eradication???

phlegmfatale said...

D is for delicious.

The Saddleback sounds yummy, cassoulet or not. Sounds like an enchanting evening, come to that. :)

I'm experiencing Napa envy.

Vinogirl said...

Thud: Well, I like the amphibian variety.

Ron: Well, I quite like Napoleon (he was one of my True Wine Lovers), but then again he was Corsican.

Lord Roby: You're hired! Can I pay you in wine?

VM: Yes, you are free to drink as much Riesling as you want!!!

DS: Uh oh...did we English introduce the rabbits to New Zealand as well as Australia? (Please brush me up on rabbit-history.) Anyway, welcome to Vinsanity...and just drink more wine!

Phlegmmy: If you were here, enjoying Napa, you'd be missing your adorable poochies.